Secret Sorrows by Kathie Barrus

Details Traditional journaling Un-sent to: My brother-in-law Journal Artist: Kathie Barrus The text, which is a quote from Longfellow, reads: “Ah, this wonderful world!  Indeed, I know not what to make of it.  Sometimes it is all gladness and sunshine; and heaven itself lies not far off; and suddenly it changes and all is dark …


A Mother’s Grief – Kara LC Jones

  “Nostalgia For What Was Never Mine” “The Texture Of Without” “You Once Were” Details Hybrid Art Journaling Un-sent to: My three sons who died. Journal Artist: Kara LC Jones aka MotherHenna *** Kara is the heART-ist behind the works at and She is also co-founder of the

Someone Has To Start, Right?

Please note that today is a ‘dusty’ day with the curator putting things together. Expect things to change and morph multiple times throughout the day. Thanks for your patience. xo Hello, and welcome to Un-Sent! I am pleased to get this thing rolling with our first post. “I will always protect you” Details Traditional Art …